Tips to make your office summer party utterly memorable

Boo hoo. Summer, if you can call it that, is coming to an end.  For those of us slogging it out in a 9-to-5 the high point of this time of year is the office summer party.  If you’ve been tasked with the planning of your office party my heart goes out to you.  It’s tough enough organising large-scale events for friends and family as you’ll either have similar tastes to them or better still you know what they like (and don’t) and can plan accordingly. With an office party you may not even know all your colleagues and chances are you’ll be faced with a melting pot of tastes and preferences.


So, how do you plan an office summer party that the majority of your colleagues will like (because let’s face it you can’t please everyone). the key? Make fun your focal point. How you ask? Well, we hear at Ida Pod have come up with five stress free ways to make you the toast of the office…




What’s summer without a barbecue?  Whether you’re a meat lover or veggie I’m yet to meet a person that doesn’t enjoy this summer classic. Health and safety precautions aside a barbecue is pretty simple to set up and is very economical budget-wise. And, better yet planning a barbecue menu is even easier if you keep it simple.


Photo Booth

Photo booths are the party entertainment hit of the last few years. And it’s not hard to see why.  If you’re looking for a photo booth that would suit well for an outdoor office summer party then look no further than the selfie pod.  All it needs is a power source and it’s good to go. Memories of good food, good drink and good company need to be captured in print and Ida Pod’s photo booth Selfie Pod will do just that.  Give us a call on 020 3714 7433 to discuss our corporate packages.


Lawn Games

Allow your guests to indulge their inner child with a range of fun, nostalgic outdoor games. Group games such as Twister or lawn skittles will go down a treat. Or why not get creative a create a giant version of beer pong using large plastic water drums.  If you’re really arts and craft-y you can use wooden 2x4s for a game of giant Jenga!



A piñata is a winner for the young or old. If you want to steer clear of sweet treats you are free to fill it up with whatever you like. Whatever you do make sure the products won’t cause an injury to staff members as the goodies will be falling from a height. The last thing you want is a lawsuit…



We Brits love a good themed party don’t we? And, don’t worry I’m not talking fancy dress. Selecting  a theme for the food, drink and entertainment will at the very least provide some great photo opportunities for your office party!


Happy planning!


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